Apr. 2nd, 2013

ryry: ([da] anders-smirk)
Title: Our Hearts Are Bigger Than We Know
Fandom: Dragon Age (meanders around the timeline)
Pairing: Anders/Nathaniel/Bethany (and everything in between)
Rating: Teen for now, mature/explicit to come soon.
Summary: Bethany and Nathaniel are sharing a newfound love, but she knows he has nursed his love for Anders for years. After the events of Kirkwall, they find themselves responsible for Anders's dead body -- except he's very much alive, and his memories of love for Nathaniel are his tenuous connection to sanity. What does this mean for Bethany, and for all of them?

Read it on AO3

Three chapters of twelve are posted now, and I update them daily.

I want to talk a bit of meta about this fic, so click if you want to hear it. RyRy talks fic... )
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