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Title: Our Hearts Are Bigger Than We Know
Fandom: Dragon Age (meanders around the timeline)
Pairing: Anders/Nathaniel/Bethany (and everything in between)
Rating: Teen for now, mature/explicit to come soon.
Summary: Bethany and Nathaniel are sharing a newfound love, but she knows he has nursed his love for Anders for years. After the events of Kirkwall, they find themselves responsible for Anders's dead body -- except he's very much alive, and his memories of love for Nathaniel are his tenuous connection to sanity. What does this mean for Bethany, and for all of them?

Read it on AO3

Three chapters of twelve are posted now, and I update them daily.

I want to talk a bit of meta about this fic, so click if you want to hear it.

I have two main thoughts with this fic: 1.) that it's going to be too happy or sweet for the tastes of most of the fandom, and 2.) I feel uncertain about the surprise ending that wormed its way through my brain yesterday.

I'm not going to spoil the ending -- let's just say that this fic had eleven chapters planned, and suddenly yesterday I was overcome with the need to write an "ending", or an epilogue, which puts everybody in a place that has little to no information in the actual canon. That is, they wind up in Weisshaupt, a place about which little is known, and they have to deal with the First Warden, about which even less is known. So I was just compelled to write this ending, and I worry that it's too much and I'm venturing too far out of my knowledge (there are so many people out there who seem to know more than me about the canon and who pick up theories and construct these places and I just have no idea), that I should have left it off at chapter 11.

But I think I'll put it out there anyway just to see what people think.

As for it being sweet... I don't know about other writers, but I really like to write sweet stories that reveal the goodness of people. I think that's a bit of a coping mechanism for me, personally, because I have such an optimistic view of people in general and I dislike coming face-to-face with the nastiness of the real world. I read so many dark or sad fics in this fandom that I worry about my own -- maybe it's a breath of fresh air for people to read something nice and sweet, or maybe it's not to the tastes of everyone. But it has been a pleasure to write, and has allowed me to explore some ideas and headcanons that I have always held but have never put down before.

At any rate, I really like this fic, and it's my first large venture in the DA fandom, so I hope it goes well. ::handwringing::

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